Rich Chocolate mud cake

We have the most moist and rich chocolate mud cake. This is for real chocolate lover. With dark and milk chocolate ganache on each layer and surrounding the cakes and then cover with fondant, this is the all time favourite.



White chocolate mud cake

A lighter mud cake made with white chocolate, filled with white chocolate ganache and cover with fondant, just cannot get enough and you can feel the moist and a hint of caramel.



Caramel mud cake

This is for toffee lovers, a very moist white chocolate mud cake blend in with more caramel, filled in with white chocolate ganache or caramel butter cream. Definitely a favourite 



Family chocolate cake. 

 Chocolate cake is a lighter cake, for those who prefer a light chocolate, this is definitely a good choice. It filled with chocolate/ mocha butter cream on each layer and soaked with sugar syrup that will keep it moist.

Great choice for kids party. 



Banana cake

a very moist banana flavour and a hint of cocoa.  this cake is definitely a good choice for those who want something different. it is filled with creamy cream cheese frosting and covered with fondant.


Our gourmet selection ;

- Hummingbird

-carrot and orange

-almond and praline

-orange and poppy 

-Swirl Cake - Vanilla - Raspberry - Chocolate  

- Red Velvet Cake  

-Chocolate Jaffa Mud


Please contact cake blossom for other flavour, we will more then welcome to help you.