Hello Variana

Thankyou very much the cake was delightful i was very very happy with your work and
all my friends loved it, i have given some of your cards to friends and i will be
using your business again.


Sharon ----- exploding stars

Hi Variana,

It was fantastic,

Thank you again for such a lovely cake, we had many compliments about it

Sara  -- sing along ollie




The cake was both beautiful and delicious. Everybody commented on the
beautiful workmanship.
I cannot thank your enough for making the cake at such short notice. I have
and will recommend you to everyone.


Lynne   --------- madhatter cake


Thank you variana
The cake was a huge success and unlike most birthday cakes it was devoured.
I also handed out your cards and pamphlets so hopefully more business comes your way.
Thanks again !!!              the army cake


Hi Variana

Thank you SO MUCH! The cake was such a hit and about 4 people took your
brochure, everyone was so impressed with not only the decorating but the
taste of the cake which was just divine! The cake went above and beyond

I ve taken lots of photos and will pop one on your facebook page when i
get a chance.

Thanks again so much. Was so amazing.

Emma             first birthday cat cake


Hello Variana,
thank you again so much the cake was beautiful to look at and very very yummy to
eat, I had so many people ask me who made it and where, everyone loved it, it was
the talk of the night, I am glad you sent the pamphlets with the cake as I handed
them to people who said they would order from you for their functions. 
My partner and I are getting married on October 1st this year, I would like to order
the cake from you, I will contact you again soon to make the order for that, so
again thank you so much
Kind regards
Christine             new zealand maori cake

Hi Variana,
Thankyou so so much for the cake! It was amazing and tasted soooo good!
I will email you photos when I get them from the photographer [in about 2 weeks!]
Thanks again,

Thank u very much for making the cake.
What can i say it was WOW...It taste delicouse.
everyone loved it and enjoyed it.
We will contact u end of the year for a christening cake,
looking forward in dealing with u again.




 The cake was wonderful so fresh and delicious. we have had a lot of comments.

I will be in touch with you for her first birthday cake

Many thanks


Kate meredith-cox & LEs COx  



Hi Variana,
The cake was great everyone loved it , and it was very yummy thank you soooo much.

Thanks and all the best
Alison           view the cake here


Hi Variana
The cake was lovely thank you
Very moist and tasted lovely !
I cut nicely and the cream / ganache  ???  inside it was very nice
Everyone had a piece at the restaurant and we had enough to send another
piece home with them all !

Thanks again
>From Vivian   
view the cake here




Cake was wonderful, Thanks so much. We end up using the 2 tiers it went
really well, Jeff will drop the 2 cake tiers off sometime during the week if
you are not at home he will leave them on the front door step like last
Thankyou once again for those amazing cakes. I appreciate the hard work that
goes into them, they were admired by all.

Michelle Lamble   
    view the cake here 



Hi Variana,
oh it was absolutely beautiful and tasted just as delicious! Thankyou so so much.
again thankyou so much everyone was so impressed and I gave them you number. so Im
sure youll be hearring from them for future occasions. Il be in touch with you for
her first birthday cake:)

Take care and thankyou once again,

view the cake here





Dear Variana,
We loved it.  Absolutely fantastic.
I could not have been happier.
Grace and all her guests thought it was wonderful.
We gave out all your cards and pamphlets to interested people.
It was the talk of the party.
Honestly, we could not have been happier.
Thank you so much again

Leanne Potts  XX   view the cake here

HI Variana

The cupcakes were a real hit. I had 50 people and they all went so i think a few
people snuck an extra one in.

I recieved great service from you and they looked fantastic on display and
tasted great too.

I will have no problem recomending you to anyone.

Thanks again


Lara  view the cake here


 Hi variana,

The cake was amazing!!!

You will definitley hear from us again and more than likely from 
friends and family also.


Kylie     view the cake here


Hi Variana,

Everyone loved your cake especially my wife.  Many people said it was the best cake
that they had ever eaten.  Thank you very much.

Peter     view the cake here


Hi Variana..

Thankyou so much.. Cake was great!!! Everyone loved it! It really looked

Will definatly be in touch next b.day or celebration..

Thanks again
Suzie.                view the cake here


Thank u so much for the cake,everyone commented how lovely it looks an
everyone loved eating it.they wanted more ,i would recommend u to every one who
would want or need a lovely cake.1 of the best cakes i have had in a long time an
Lilly loved it to yummy
thank u from Jasmine & Sara xx                  view the cake here


 Hi Variana,

Thank you for making the cake for my little boy. He was very excited and loved it
very much. Everyone at the party were amazed at how nice the cake looked but were a
bit concerned about the taste. When they did taste it, they all thought it was very
moist and yummy - just the right amount of sweetness. Some even asked for take away

I brought some to work and everyone loved it too. I showed the photos of the cake
and many have asked for your details which I will pass onto them.
They are looking forward to checking out your website and no doubt will make
enquires when an occasion comes.

I am sure I will get more questions about where I got the cake from once I post the
birthday pics on my facebook :)

Good luck and I look forward to tasting more of your yummy and great looking cakes.

I am the one that is very much appreciative of your great work.

I will be sure to tell everyone, how reliable and nice you are :)

Good luck and all the best. 

Kind regards,

Stephanie.   thomas the tank cake

Hi variana,

Thankyou so much for the cake. It was really really beautiful! We absolutely loved
it. We got lots of comments & the staff at the cafe said its the best quality cake
they have seen :) . Glowing recommendations from everyone!

Angela   view the cake here

Hi Variana,

Thank you so much for the beautiful cakes, they were amazing and everyone loved
them. You did a fantastic job!

My sister works at lollipops and has taken your flyers to put them on the reception
for you.

Thank you again and have a lovely week.

Kind regards,
Roslyn :)   view the cake here

 The cake was awesome!
Such amazing details on the barbie dress and cupcakes, everyone at the party
loved it!
Thanks so much for your efforts 

Michelle -- view the photos here


Everyone Loved the cakes, not only did they look great but they also tasted
exquisite. They were such a hit with all my guests and there was not a crumb left,
in fact everyone was asking where did i get them from, so please do not be surprised
if you get alot more business in the near future. My son was so surprised and
absolutely loved his cake that he did not want to cut it up. Cookies and Cream cake
was definitely different and yummy. Thank You so much and i will definitely
recommend you to anyone that is looking for a cake to be made. I look forward to
ordering more cakes from you in the near future, thank you again and keep up the
good work. I wish you all the best with your cake blossom company and it was a
pleasure meeting your husband and son. I look forward to meeting you someday in the

Kind Regards,

Mel  view the cake here

thank you so much for the cake, i thought it looked spectacular and everyone
commented on how lovely it looked.  it also tasted so nice.  i cant remeber being at
an event where there was such a nice cake AND everybody ate it.  we only had a tiny
bit left. 
Congratulations on a fantastic job,
thanks again,
Kim  view the cake here
ps.  i would certainly buy another cake of you and recommend to others



Hi Varianna
The cake was a hit and I had many compliments about how pretty it was and how great the detailing was.

I also had someone mention that her daughter doesnot usually like white chocolate but she ate it all up as it was

lovely and moist.
Most of all the mother-to-be was blown away by it.
Thanks for doing it in such short notice.
God bless
Jessica Loadsman  view the cake here 

Dearest Variana,
Oh my god, cake was absolutely gorgeous, your really did outdo yourself.....
I meant to email you as soon as well got home but we where totally exhausted
Yes the cake was a huge hit everyone loved it and as for the "dummy cake"  my sister
in lawactually cried a tear and thought that was a great idea.
I cannot thank you enough for every thing you have done, you have been extremely

helpful and very generous with your time....

Thank you,thank you, thank you x0x0x0x0x0x00xx0x


Danielle    ----- View the cake here

Hi Variana,
We had a wonderful day yesterday for Dominics birthday,
and everyone was just amazed by the cake and cupcakes,you truly are talented !  They were delicious too,


Emma Pierre  ---- View the cake here



The cake was very nice.Everyone in the party loved it 


Christina Parale    ----- View the cake here



Lets just say there was nothing left everyone loved it!!!
I cant thank you enough for a beautiful cake!


Thanks for everything I will be in touch for other orders.

Kind regards,
Diane worrall                              View the cake here


 Hi Varianna, the cake was sensational it looked great everybody at
the christening commented about how beautiful it was.Many thanks for
your effort and how easy you were to deal with in knowing what we
Once again many thanks for your help

Kind Regards

 Robyn Way                          ----------- View the cake here  



Hi Variana,

Thank you very much for the beautiful and delicious cake. I am very
impressed on how beautiful it looked and especially the taste and texture of
the cake. My guests were commenting on the creative design, how moist it is
and the chocolate is not too rich yet can taste the chocolate creaminess. I
gave out your brochures as people were inquiring on where I had it made and
proud to say Cake Blossom.

Thanks again and you will hear from me soon as I have another birthday to
organise this coming few months.

Jennifer       ------     View the cake here


The cake was perfect both inside and out. The teddy bear was the cutest one
I had ever seen and the cake was delicious. Everyone really enjoyed it
especially the birthday boy who covered himself head to toe in it and wanted
seconds. Will definately be in touch for future cakes.


Natalie Parker   ------------ View the cake here

 Variana, the cake was awesome! Had lots of great feedback & people wanting
your details. Will be ordering another cake in January for my Sons 18th!
Thank you, Thank you!

Lisa :)                      View the cake here


Hi Variana,

I wanted to thank you very much for Will birthday cake.
It looked excellent and tasted fantastic. Everyone at the party thought it was wonderful. I passed on your brochures to quite a few people soI hope you get some new business.

Once again thank you for such a beautiful cake.

Best regards,

Kylie, Dave and Will Lyneham  ---
View the cake here

Just wanted to thank you very much for our wonderful Old MacDonald cake - it was a huge hit yesterday with the kids,(as well as all the adults!!). Everyone was askingwho made it so hopefully you will

receive some more orders as a result ;)

Kind regards,

Brooke Wagner        --------- View the cake here



My daughter loved her ariel cake so much, it is a "piece of art" Thank you again for the beautiful cake.


 Vanessa  ---------- View the cake here



Just wanted to tell you the Bakugan cake was a huge hit with everyone.
Thanks again for everything.

     View the cake here 


 Your cake was an absolute hit! Everyone loved it and I have given your informationto friends who have upcoming birthdays.

Thankyou so much!

Sarah Edwards       -----------
View the cake here

Hi Variana,Thankyou so much again for the cake ! It was absolutely amazing ! It
tasted great !! i am more than happy with it and have already had people asking for
your details !If i ever need a cake again, you will definately be the person i will
be dealing with !

Laura xoxo         ------------ View the cake here

Thanks heaps for the
great work you did. Everyone looooveed it .especially the bday boy!
Everyone was saying how good it actually tasted too coz it was moist and
not dry like the other ones that we have ordered in the past. My son
actually devoured a slice in less than 2 minutes-i had to stop him
getting more.

 Brightly   -------- View the cake here

Cake was fabulous!! Thank you so much for a beautiful job. The yellow 
decorations looked great and the cake was absolutely delicious!!  
Everybody loved it and we look forward to booking another one with 
you on the next occasion.

Thanks again,

Sally     ----------------
View the cake here

 Thank you so much for my son a soccer ball cake for his 6th birthday. The cake was delicious and beautifully made. The colour of the grass was a nice green and the shape of the ball was perfectly round. the cake was a hit at the party, other kids could not stop saying woooow and everyone enjoyed the cake very much. thank you variana

 from Febby Alan ----- Bradbury    ------------ View The Cake here   


My family and I would like to say thank you for all the cakes you have made for our birthdays and celebrations over the last 6 months or so. Not only have they been absolutely gorgeous designs, but totally delicious to eat, I am so glad that I was recommended to you by several people as your cakes are outstanding and at such a very reasonable price, once again I thank you very much Variana


Regards Lisa, Adrian Park Central  ------- View The Cake here 


Thanks for the lovely birthday cake. amazing how you made this. Friends admire it so much they all took your contact no. They love the taste too. not too sweet, not too heavy. Just perfect... I wont be embarrass to recommend it to any one. And the best thing too, the price is reasonable and affordable. Great job


 Emie Lorenzo ------- Leumeah ----- View The Cake here



 Hi Variana, I would like to thank you for the beautiful cake that you made for Olivia. I had no idea it will be that details, we all love it.. we had great times and the cake really make the different because every single of my family compliment about how nice and beautiful it is. I now know where to go when i need cake and you will have more orders from me in the future. thank you very much

 regards. Tim, Frieda, Rosemeadow ----- View The Cake here


Thanks Variana for making such a gorgeous and yummy cake..Matthew loved it and everyone in the party loved it. You have such a great talent to make such a cake. Looking forward to more cake in the future...

Love Tweda, - Leumeah  ----- View The Cake here

My son Gordon just loves soccer, so decided to have a cake made for his 11th birthday to represent the sport that he really enjoys. Everyone was just amazed at the detail in the cake. Thank you Variana

Sherley --------------- Narellan Vale  ------ View The Cake here 

Thank you so much for my cake. My friends and I really had a good party. My friend loved the cake and the surprise party we organized for him, and the cake really make the different. its hard to find a professional cake maker that produce affordable cake yet the taste is just to die for. Thank you to help me make the day special.

 Vince Wong ----   Darlinghurst   -------- 



Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the cake. It was perfect !!!

Tasted wonderful and everyone commented on how lovely it was... I am sure you will
get a few referrals from it !    Once again thanks so much it is greatly appreciated !

 Alison    ------                                View the cake here  The cake was amazing! A beautiful tasting cake too, Holly loved it so


thank you sovery much!Definitely will be back!

 Kind regards

Kellie                         -- View the cake here 

 Hi variana,

Thanks so much for making the cake for us. My son was delighted.
We had around 40 guests and everyone had the cake,The cake was awesome...Very tasty...Thanks again,
I am sure will do more business together....
My daughter birthday is in October...I will be in touch...

Mila Gmitroviv   --------------- View the cake here

Thank you for the two lovely cakes you made for myboys at such short notice.
We received many compliments on the cakes -
both for the presentation and
taste.  Hopefully you will be getting extra
business in future from our friends

Wei   ---------- leichhart  - 
View the cake here 


the cake is a high light today. everyone love it,it looked great and taste very nice. thank you

 Cathy ------- harrington park----- View the cake here

  Thank you so much for the cake. It was enjoyed thoroughly and our friends were
amazed by your work. I distributed your details to a few interested people. The cake
was as tasty as it was beautiful. 

 Once again - thank you!

 Vanja  & Lola   ------- north sydney -------- View the cake here     


 WOW what can I say, your cupcakes for my daughters 12th birthday were outstanding.
So many people commented on how fabulous they all looked & tasted great too. I thank
you again for your time & will be sure to recommend you to family & friends.

Trudy   ---------- harrington park ------   View the cake here

The cake was absolutely fabulous and my daughter fell in love with Angelina the
Ballerina on the top.  All our guests at the party were all very impressed with both
the decorations and the cake itself.  They were talking about how delicious it was.
In fact I handed out a couple of your pamphlets to some other very interested mums.
So hopefully you will get some extra orders coming your way soon.

Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job and I will definitely be in contact
again when we have another occasion that calls for one of your wonderful

Kerrie Payne                --------- Blacktown  --- view the cake here


just want to let you know Lucas christening cake is stunning and not to mention was very delicious.

One of the best specialty cake I have ever tasted for a long

 time. I recieved many compliments and you were hightly recommended by me.




i would to thank you for making my sons parra

matta jersey & football
cake for his 18th birthday celebration.
 The cake was a huge smash, everybody commented on it. We would like to ask if ok could we tag your company "cake blossom" in our photos on face book
We look forward to doing more cakes with you,again thank you.
kind regards
daphne   ------------------- Appin  --
View the cake here 


 A big thank you from us four such a fantastic cake.everyone was admiring your great work,I gave our all your brochures.  thanks again will definetely pass your you more work 

 from me and family.

Kristy --- Kogarah                         ---------------      View the Cake here


 Thank you so much for your hard work on the cake, it ended up just beautiful and everyone said how delicious and moist the cake was to eat.


 Karen & Jasmine ----Mount Annan       View the cake here  

 Hello, The Cakes were a great Hit. Richard was just blown away by them and everyone at the party raved about them. Noone had seed anything like them and both our mothers thought they would be wonderful for our wedding.

everyone said they were the hightlight of the party.Thank you so much. You did such a wonderful job and we just loved them. they were yummy too.

 Kylie -- Sutherland          -------------- View the cake here