Welcome to Cake blossom...


Are you looking for something special and different for your special event ? and something to impress yourself and your love ones? you are looking at the right place.


 At Cake blossom we believe that each cake should not only look stunning but cake also have to taste delicious, make any occasion memorable and special. With cake, it is like your master piece of your party, it is a good way to make a good impression and stand out the most, you want to give your guests something to remember for your party and make you feel proud.


 We only use use the best quality ingredients and we bake our cake from scratch. We have qualification on food science and technology, we can guarantee you have a hygienic and NSW food safety standard in a legal council permission kitchen.  Making cake and decorating is not only our passion but it is part of the art work that we really adore and working hard on it. We will impress you with our profesional looking cakes.



Thank you for your time to look at our cakes collection,Please keep coming back to visit our website for new collection and if you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.